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Comprehensive Architectural Hardware Consulting Services

PAMEX INC has experienced architectural hardware and code compliancy experts on staff to provide you with consulting services surrounding architectural hardware, doors and frames specifications.

Pamex saves you time because our in-house team creates on your behalf, door hardware specifications or provide you code compliancy analysis to ensure you meet budgets and ensure you remain compliant Fire and Accessibility Code and Standards.

Our goal is helping you by taking the stress and worry out of creating the hardware schedule during the bidding phase of your project by providing you with the following free of charge services:

  • Code Compliancy Review and Interpretation for Fire and Egress Codes as well as Accessibility Design Guidelines

  • Design Build architectural hardware specifications and schedules

  • Security and Access Control coordination.

  • Consulting on necessary building codes to ensure fire, life-safety and accessibility requirements are met.

  • Assisting in developing keying schedule and key control requirements

  • Substitution Request and completion of Substitution Request Contract Forms

  • Provide product catalog cuts, riser diagrams/ electrical elevations

  • Review of substitution requests, application and product questions

  • Product Samples for Owner evaluations’

  • Product Installation Videos and FAQ’s answered

  • Brand Cross-Referencing and Value Engineering Evaluations

  • Dealer Training on Products and Services

We believe that by offering you these free, value added services along with our premium quality and value-priced products, you'll see for yourself how Pamex really does give you more.

Architectural Opening Software 

Pamex Commercial and Residential Door Hardware can be found in the following Architectural Opening Applications,


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